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Donations 2022
5 months ago

Danilo (MYT Clan): 100€ (VOID interactive): 150€ (SWAT 4:BTLA): 100€ (VOID interactive): 145€ (Team Foxtare): 10€ other donations received: 55€ 10€ donation 10€ donation 10€ donation 20€ anonymous donation 35€ volv 28€ 1 donation 113€ other donations

Ingame server browser
6 years, 4 months ago

As you probably know Gamespy shut down its services in 2013 which has emptied the ingame server browser. now provides its own master server for both for players who want browse servers ingame and server hosters that want their servers appear in the list.

To use the new master server install this master server patch in 2 clicks

P.S. This feature wouldn't air without BaDTimE's invaluable help. All hail to him!