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swat4stats faces an imminent shutdown
2 months, 2 weeks ago

I have always thought that this day would never come but I have got to tell you the sad truth: the project sees its downfall due to a lack of funds required to support server infrastructure that host swat4stats.

It all started as a fun pet project for me more than 10 years ago when SWAT was still a brilliant and modern game where I met a lot of good friends. In year 2013 the website got a redesign that made it look like it was a part of the game. It featured many new features like server browser, game round "screenshots", loads of new leaderboards and so forth. Frankly saying the move was driven by an opportunity to learn new technologies and a desire find a good job, so I had used the website for job interviews as a part of my resume. Ironically I had rarely used the website for my personal purposes because by that time I had already stopped playing the game.

Understanding the value of this project means to the community I have supported it all these years providing 24/7 service availability. Unfortunately that cannot continue forever because hosting expenses grow every year while my salary drop due to the ongoing fall of national economy. You can support the project by donating a euro or two to make it last another month. I cannot guarantee that it will last forever, but as long as donations come the project lives on and is taking a care of.

If you have any questions or ideas please email me at or discord Serge#7983

Ingame server browser
2 years, 8 months ago

As you probably know Gamespy shut down its services in 2013 which has emptied the ingame server browser. now provides its own master server for both for players who want browse servers ingame and server hosters that want their servers appear in the list.

To use the new master server install this master server patch in 2 clicks

P.S. This feature wouldn't air without BaDTimE's invaluable help. All hail to him!