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Team Status
DuPlessis Diamond Center
We have another tough one. Just before closing time, the DuPlessis Diamond Center was broken into. The suspects drove a truck through the main security doors into the lobby. The building's alarm was triggered immediately. Witnesses report multiple suspects, armed with machine guns and wearing body armor, entering the building. Witnesses also report they have not seen any of the wholesaler's employees exit the building, although it was still open and security personnel were on duty.

The DuPlessis office building is built much like a small fort. Most areas are under constant video surveillance. A separate security system and metal detector guards access to the vault. The vault door has a time lock; it locks at 1800 every night, and can't be reopened until office hours start the next day at 0900. Note that the alarm company has disabled the time lock on the door for us, in case the gunmen are hiding inside of it. The building's phone lines were disabled by the suspects.

DuPlessis is a wholesaler; they deal mainly in raw stones. This means they haven't been cleaned or cut, and they also aren't registered. However, they're harder to move; you can't take these down to the local pawnshop. This week, DuPlessis was holding a shipment of finished jewels. I don't think the timing is a coincidence. Our suspects probably have ties to black market purchasers outside of the country, since even the finished gems are a lot of gems to move.

Our suspects have automatic weapons and body armor, so they're ready for a fight. We don't know how they intended to breach the vault, which should have locked automatically when the alarm went off. One possibility is inside help, so stay on your toes. Most, if not all, of DuPlessis employees are still inside. We don't know their current condition. Study the floor plans, choose your entry and plan your assault: but don't take too long.
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