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Round: 1/1
Bring order to chaos
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Neutralize Hadeon Koshka
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Rendezvous with Jennings
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Team Status
The Wolcott Projects
OCCB (Organized Crime Control Bureau) has a job for us. They've been pursuing a flow of illegal arms into the city for about a year, and they've got something solid to move on. Our suspect is Hadeon Koshka, a Ukrainian citizen who travels to the States frequently. His visits often overlap with the appearance of new Russian arms on the streets.

Tonight's our lucky night. Undercover detective Clark Jennings has spent the last two months infiltrating Koshka's operation. He contacted OCCB earlier today with the time and place for the meet. There's a major deal going down today, in the abandoned tenement at 1302 Blakestone Avenue. Detective Jennings notified his contact as soon as he could, but because the notice is so short, we don't have time to call in the ATF for this bust. Strictly speaking, arms dealing is their territory, but in this case, we're in the right place at the right time to stop it, and they aren't.

A bit of background. The Soviet Union maintained weapons caches and military bases in many locations. When it collapsed, many of those caches either 'disappeared' or were abandoned. Arms trading, both legitimate and black market, is a significant source of income in the region, and the local governments are ambivalent about stopping it. So it's up to us to stop these guns from reaching our streets.

The meet is at 1302 Blakestone, an abandoned HUD building. We don't have a layout, but we do have outlines of the area, thanks to Jennings. Koskha should be in the room with the weapons cache, along with his buyer. Since there's a lot at stake in this, we expect both groups to bring backup. Expect armed and dangerous suspects both in the building and on the grounds. Detective Jennings will be present undercover. He won't be able to break cover safely until you're in control of the situation, so keep your eyes out for him. Study your targets carefully, choose your gear, and get ready.
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All weapons secured