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Bring order to chaos
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Rescue all of the civilians
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Neutralize Andrew Taronne
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Children of Taronne Tenement
Ok, men, what we have here are some dangerous headcases, to themselves and to their neighbors. Approximately an hour ago we got a tip from a public phone that some cultist nut-jobs calling themselves the Taronnians intend to blow their house sky high, taking a chunk of the neighborhood with them.

The detectives ran the paper trail, which uncovered disturbing deliveries to the Taronnians. Recent purchases included several suspicious chemicals, as well as an ominous amount of fertilizer; we're taking this one very seriously. Our caller didn't give a time or date, and hung up before we could get anything else from them. We assume our leak is a recent break from the cult; we are checking relatives to see if an ex-cultist has returned home, but that hasn't panned out yet. Since our best information indicates there's imminent danger, we're not waiting. Detectives attempted to serve the warrant by surrounding the location and calling the suspects out. They received no response whatsoever.

About the Taronnians. They broke off from a separatist group up in Idaho, and followed their leader, Andrew Taronne, out here. Their official name is something like the Children of Taronne; they view Taronne as a combination all-knowing guru and prophet. They showed up here about three years ago, used cash to purchase an old apartment building needing serious rehab, and moved into it en masse. They only leave the building in groups of three or more, and they refuse entrance to any outsiders.

Anything they're doing was ordered by Taronne, which means he's the one we need to talk to. However, Taronne never leaves the house, so we'll be going in after him. The group they split from believes in strong self defense, and there's no reason to think the Taronnians have changed that tenet. Expect armed resistance, and don't be surprised if even the unarmed cultists are stubborn about surrendering. Keep your eyes out for any children belonging to members of the cult.

The building was a standard apartment building before the Taronnians moved in, but they may have altered it. The floor plans are a guideline. Expect to be surprised. Assume they have taken no precautions with their explosives. A careless bullet might cause some unwanted casualties, so put some thought into your gear choices for this assignment.
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